Emergency Roof Leak Repair in Tulsa, OK

Finding a leak in your roof after a storm or because of damage is no easy thing to live with. Instead of trying to contain it or repair it yourself, turn to the experts at NuRoof & Construction. We offer emergency roof leak repair in Tulsa, OK.

How Can You Know If Your Roof Has a Leak?

You might be unsure if the water damage you’ve just spotted comes from the roof or somewhere else. Discover how you can determine if your roof has a leak:

  • Water damage in the attic: Water damage in the attic, especially on roof decks, almost always testifies that your roof is wet above the damage.
  • Missing or damaged shingles: If your shingles are down a few, have cracks, or have more than a few missing granules, this increases your risk of a leak.
  • Missing or damaged flashing: Wherever you have a spot where water can potentially penetrate, flashing is useful to protect against that issue. If your flashing is gone or damaged, the risk of water infiltration rises.

Whatever signs you notice, call us immediately after noticing them. You don’t want to wait for a leak to get larger or cause serious damage.

How Can We Help?

Our licensed and insured staff members are ready to assist as soon as you call. We will visit your home, determine the severity of the damage and the source of the leak, and provide repairs as necessary. We offer free estimates for our work, and we can also assist with insurance claims. Whether you have a tile, metal, asphalt, slate, or wood roof, we can help.

A roof leak is something that needs to be handled quickly, so don’t delay in reaching out. Please call us for emergency leak repair today at (918) 271-7999. We look forward to hearing from you.

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