Storm season has arrived in Oklahoma, and that means our roofs are now most at risk of damage from the summer’s nastiest storms. 


Keep reading below to see how you can spot damage on your roof:


Water Spots on Your Ceiling

This is the most obvious sign of water damage in your attic, but it can also be a sign of significant structural damage from a storm.


The tricky part, though, is that because water doesn’t necessarily drip straight down, the damage to your roof may be in a completely different area than where you see the spot. We recommend going up into your attic to find the true site of the damage.


Granules Are Appearing in Your Downspouts

Granules are the clumps of ceramic materials layered on top of shingles, and while they can be hard to spot and naturally break apart over the years, large volumes of them showing up in your downspouts can mean your shingles need to be replaced.


Missing Shingles or Fascia

Savvy homeowners should also take a street view analysis of their roofing after a storm for any missing shingles or pieces. For a thorough inspection, be sure to look at the areas beneath your overhang and ensure your fascia is holding up.


Dimples on Your Roof and Siding

Have you just had a hail storm and the worst you can see are dimples and dents? While these may not seem hazardous, these dents in your paneling or siding can create small openings through which water, wind, and critters can enter.


If you’re aware of any denting in your home, be sure to perform a thorough and safe inspection to check for any cracks or revealing holes.


Whether you’re dealing with missing shingles or tiny cracks that are becoming a big problem, call NuRoof & Construction today at (918) 271-7999 or visit our website to put your roof back in order and your mind at ease.